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IT Education and Industrial Training Project Training (2/6 Months)
IT Education at mohali

We @ RKSOLUTIONS provides IT Education best in the industry. We give hands on experience to our students (from various Engg. Colleges, Degree Colleges, Universities) on different technologies available and in-demand in the Industry.

We are having experienced staff to take care of all the needs of students so that their all doubts, concepts and problems are cleared with a concept in mind. We teach them Concept of Logic Building, Application Designing, Database designing, Web Solution Designing etc.

We provide training and project development using :

  • Mobile Development using Android
  • CMS Tools WordPress, Joomla etc.
  • Java (Core and Advanced)
  • . Net
  • HTML/DHTML/JavaScript/CSS
  • C/C++
Project Based Industrial Training Program
We are successfully conducting 2 months, 4 months and 6 months Industrial/Project Training for MCA, B.E, B.Tech and other Computer Science Students in all technologies which are high in demand in the IT Industry.We give you training in the technology you select and then you will be able to develop a project on your own in the technology you learned under our experienced hands. We are here to Train and Guide you in your IT Project Training/Industrial Training with Project Development for Engg./MCA/BCA/B.Tech and other Computer Related Students.

In all the Web Development Training Programs mentioned below includes the following contents in addition to the actual course, as for developing the project in all these web technologies one must know the followings:

  • Concepts of Websites (Static / Dynamic)
  • Website Planning,
  • Client Side / Server Side Scripting
  • HTML,
  • DHTML,
  • CSS,
  • Database Concepts etc

We offer the following Industrial Programs:

Sr. No.
Training Program
WEB Development using PHP and MySQL with Project work
2/6 Months
Java (Core and Advanced) with Project Work
2/4/6 Months
J2EE with Project Work (Java, AWT, Applets, Event Handling, JDBC, RMI, JSP, Database, Beans etc.)
2/6 Months
PHP with My SQL, Advanced PHP, CMS Tools: WordPress, JOOMLA(CMS), WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySql, PHP) with Project
2/6 Months
WEB Development using .Net with Project work
2/6 Months
2 Months
Visual Basic 6.0 with SQL Server
2 Months
Mobile Development using Android
2/6 Months

We will be their with you to guide/help you in your Project Development Work, but actually you are to develop it. This is the only way to learn while working on your project. Because Just Learning is very different from Working/Implementing your learnings.

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